villainous-cenobite: You want to flirt with my man, cunt? To…


You want to flirt with my man, cunt? To repeatedly throw yourself at him like a pathetic low rent gutter skank? Well you can have him. All of him. Every exquisite anal ripping inch. Hope it’s everything you hoped you would be, bitch.

Did you really think he wouldn’t tell you how you came onto him? That it would be some kind of big secret? There are no secrets between us, bitch. We don’t hide things from each other, cunt, nor do we do the whole jealousy thing. That’s the bond we have, and why some random piece of fuck meat will never come between us. Besides, I like to watch him do his worst to stupid sluts like you, and occasionally enjoy joining in from time to time.

Basic bottom feeding bitch like you are a dime a dozen. So sad, pathetic, and desperate for a man to “love” you. You disgust me to no end and make me ashamed to be a woman, but then again that is what makes this all so much better. After you are tossed out on your ass, back in whatever hole you crawled out of, and wondering why no on loves you, I will still here here. He might be fucking you right now, but it is me that he will be holding later on tonight while you are all alone and crying yourself to sleep. Choke on that, cunt.